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Flexibility around mandatory form fields

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  • Flexibility around mandatory form fields

    It is now common practice to have simpler donation forms with only a few mandatory fields, like name, email, zip. We want to make the donation experience as seamless and easy for our supporters as possible. Ideally we would like to get rid of fields like Phone, and maybe even Address. Or even "Name on Card". And even moving payment information up top. I have poked around and haven't seen an option for turning these fields off or reorganizing the placement of the sections. Is there any flexibility around these fields.
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    Good day Ansley.Orona

    Thank you for your suggestion. Believe me when I say, that from the bottom of our heart, nothing makes us happier than accepting all donations with no information. If someone wants to donate just enter the credit card and click submit. That is the ultimate experience and perhaps one that everyone will truly get in a Utopian world.

    The reality is fraud.

    Donation forms and nonprofits are the prime target of fraud. Thieves attack nonprofit sites since it is one of the very few places that one can get real-time credit card verification. One cannot receive the immediate verification at any site that sells something since the card can only be charged when the product is being shipped, whereas with nonprofits it is immediate. Given the reality of fraud and your liability, if you disable the fields, we highly discourage you from doing this. You may easily create a form using our API with minimum fields, as the only required fields for processing are name on card, and the credit card information, the fields you can use in the virtual terminal & Swiper1. In a public form you will be attacked as without the address, phone, etc. we have no way of checking the integrity of information.

    What we do is for your own protection and nothing that we do because we want to.

    I hope you see the challenge.
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      Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate you sharing that perspective.


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        But the Click and Pledge SMS donation form does not require an address so why does the online form? Name, zip code and email should be enough.