This would be similar in function to CnP Temp contacts, but in this case - the contact and donation records are already created in SF.

We are trying to manage our full pipeline in SF and the challenge we are encountering is that when donors start to fulfill on their commitments by going and donating online - CNP/ SF creates a new record. Any activity or history from the open record (in the pipeline) has to be redirected to the new donation record (auto-created). Or, users have to update the pipeline record with the auto-created record info (i.e copy and paste the cnp transaction #, change the stage, apply the apyment, etc). In either case- they are doing alot of extra work and introducing opportunities for errors or data to be lost or incorrectly modified.

I'm thinking there could be a module called CnP Current Contacts, that has a similar function to CnP Temp, but the matchin process would both have the user ID the proper contact / org and select the proper donation record to apply the online donation (payment).

Would be a huge!!!!! help.