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Notifying Recurring Donors when their transaction fails

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  • Notifying Recurring Donors when their transaction fails

    Just got off with Amanda on the Live Chat about this. Our monthly donors receive no notification when their recurring transaction fails to go through (their card number changed, it expired, etc.). I feel like something must be wrong with our setup, but Amanda said this is just the normal functionality for C&P.

    Is it possible that C&P doesn't generate any notification to recurring donors whose donations have lapsed?

    That seems like you guys are losing out on very low-hanging fruit. A lot of the donors who I connect with after their donation lapses go right ahead and sign up immediately, I wonder how many people never sign up again (across the C&P wide community) because they never realize their donation has ceased? That's a lot of potential dollars you and our organizations are missing out on! Can I request this automated notification be sent??

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    This was discussed among Developers this morning. We did originally offer this feature, but had organizations request that this not occur. The decline notifications were removed and the option to set up Autoresponders for declines was added. We hope to add an Autoresponder like feature to the core platform and can perhaps consider setting a decline notification by default that could be turned off if desired.

    I did look into your history per your comment that you had worked with support for an ongoing issue regarding Autoresponders some time ago- I was unable to find a relevant case or forum post. If you still have a case number, I would be glad to look into the case again.

    Regards, C&P Live Support
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      Thank you! It's good to know you are talking about this. I wonder why orgs wouldn't want this feature? For people who had forgotten they signed up? Strange.

      I checked and the back and forth about the autoresponder was with Emily Bland, who was working with Mashood Ali, but this was when we were working with EAC2 consultants so they were our interface with Click and Pledge. I'm sorry for mis-remembering. The "scheduled time" feature for autoresponder has never worked for us. After speaking with Amanda yesterday I finally went in and changed our one autoresponse back to "send immediately." It is true that I have been hesitant to use autoresponder because of this bug.