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Separate receipt when donor pays additional fee

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  • Separate receipt when donor pays additional fee

    I'd like to recognize donors who opted-in to pay the processing fees when I send gift a receipt (generated by autoresponder). C&P creates 2 opportunities when the donor pays the fee - one for the gift and one for the additional fee. Because the SKU code which would trigger the "paid fee" receipt version is added to the opportunity in which the extra fee is paid, donor would get get 2 receipts - one for their gift and one for the extra fee.

    My initial thought was to use a SKU "PaidFee" to trigger an autoresponder that thanks the donor for paying the fee. However, the SKU "PaidFee" gets added ONLY to the opportunity that has the extra fee amount (and not to the regular gift) , and so it seems that the donor would get two receipts - one for that is triggered by the "PaidFee" SKU and one for the gift opportunity that does not have that SKU.