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Proper Handling of Donated Seats for Event

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  • Proper Handling of Donated Seats for Event

    We are trying to determine how best to handle the data in Event Management when a registrant purchases several tickets, tables, or a sponsorship and they want to donate some of the seats back to our organization. How do we track how many seats we have donated, and how do we then add a new attendee into the box office so that our total attendees are correctly reflected? When a registrant donates seats, we cannot go to that registrant's record and simply put the attendee under that registration as the attendee should not be tied in any way to the registrant in our database. We need to have accurate numbers to track number of seats donated back to us, number of actual attendees for the event, and then also to have our dashboard show the correct number of attendees.

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    Good day Jen Dorsett

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have discussed this at length but cannot think of a solution within our framework, at this moment.

    For allowing registrations to move a lot of changes need to be made to the actual structure of our objects and registration. One solution is potentially allowing registrations move from one registration to another registration but how should we then issue the credit or move the tax deductible portions.

    The accommodation of this feature is quite complex.

    While we do not have a solution now but we are still thinking as to how we can address this in a future release. Sorry that we cannot provide any help at this time.
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      Moving registrations is not really the issue. We want to know how to capture seats that are not being used at an event, and rather being donated by the registrant, and is there a way to capture this both in reports as well as on the dashboard. We would be happy to discuss this over the phone at your convenience. Here is an example of a scenario:

      We have a registrant purchase 3 tables, however he is donated 1 table back to our organization.
      We also give away comp seats to some of our program participants.
      When we look at the dashboard, we now show 10 attendees not attending sue to the donated seats, and then 10 comp tickets added for our participants. Now our dashboard is off by 10 attendees due to to donated seats. We cannot assign comp seats to the donated table as then the seats are still tied to the registrant and they should not be for a comp ticket.

      Can we perhaps chat with a programmer about this?