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More edit options for recurring donations

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  • More edit options for recurring donations

    I would like to request the ability to do a few more edits when managing recurring donations.

    I would like the ability to change the amount of the donation. After credit card changes this is the most frequently requested change. The system we had prior to C&P would allow us to change the amount and it was very helpful for us to do that.

    The other thing that I would like to be able to change is the interval. I have had a couple requests from donors to change from indefinite to an end date or certain number of gifts.

    I would prefer to be able to edit these fields rather than have to cancel the recurring and start over.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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    It would also be very helpful to be able to update the expiration date on an existing credit card in the system. We just had a donor get a new card with the same number but a different expiration date. She sent us an e-mail asking us to update to the new date but we had to call her and get her CC number and CVV and enter it as a new card. Why don't we have more ability to edit and correct these transactions? Instead we find that we have cancel them and create new ones. We had these options in an online giving system we used before C&P so I know that it is possible to set this up and keep it secure.