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    We've been using Click and Pledge for over 2 years and we really have enjoyed the product. We are adding some complexity to the questions we ask event attendees. I have two issues with the current format and am wondering if there are possible solutions.

    Issue #1:Breaking up Attendee Information Fields into sections with labels.

    It'd be really nice to be able to easily map questions to contact fields and separate questions based on category. For instance, we capture all the standard contact details (email, phone, address) but also want to capture demographic info (age, gender, race, etc.) Using the Attendee Information Fields seems to be the best way to do this, however, it'd be really nice to be able to separate these questions into categories with headers, so that we can more sensitively ask for certain information. I've started to use custom questions for this purpose because it allows me to break up the form fields into sections. It does add a lot of work on the back end when I map the custom questions, but it's worth it to improve our constituents experience. Are there any current solutions to this problem? Anything being planned for future releases?

    Issue #2: No date answer type in custom questions

    It'd be nice to be able to create a custom question that allows users to input the answer as date and then be able to map it to salesforce as that date. This issue wouldn't be problem if I could use headers to separate sections in the Attendee Information Fields, but since I can't it's something that has come up. Any solutions to this?


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    Good day @lshramko

    Above are not issues but new idea. This needs to be posted into New Ideas & Suggestions channel from where our developers will review and see the possibilities to include in future releases.

    However, I have moved this post to the New Ideas & Suggestions channel and notified to our developers.
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      I wasn't entirely sure if I was missing a feature that would allow me to customize the form to my orgs liking, that's why I posted them as issues. Thanks for the clarification and for moving them to the suggestions channel.


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        Good day lshramko

        These are good ideas & we are reviewing them. We always love to hear challenges our clients have with the product so we can resolve them as features that everyone can use.

        We are reviewing these for the next major release scheduled for later this year.

        Thank you again for your suggestion.
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