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Please add the ability to right click on Connect forms

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  • Please add the ability to right click on Connect forms


    We would love to see the ability to right-click on your forms, especially in the credit card field. I understand that this is implemented as a "security feature" to improve perceived security, but any clever person with malicious intent will be able to circumvent this. We've had a few complaints about the inability to right-click and paste from our supporters who use password/credit card managers, and one of our donors outright refused to donate until this has been addressed. Could you please advise?


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    Good day [email protected]

    The feature is part of PCI's latest mandates. It is not a choice.. we are mandated to block copy and paste in the CC fields. Each year PCI requirements are becoming more stringent and we have to abide given we are PCI Level 1.

    What is amazing is everyone wants security but also wants it so it works with a click... We only wish people realize what each measure does in protecting them.

    Sorry that we are unable to grant you this wish.. I wish we could.

    & by the way- all security is perceived as there is no absolute security.
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