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  • question about click & Pledge formbuilder

    When a Canadian charity issues a charitable receipt to an individual, as you know we need to issue it to a first name, middle initial and last name. If the donor is a corporation or organization the charitable receipt is issued to the legal name of the organization or corporation. We ask on our online donation page: is this a personal donation or a corporate/organization donation? If the donor checks off corporation/organization a field pops up where they fill out the name of the corporation/organization. The next section is your out of the box "donation and contact information" section (and it requires first name, middle name, last name..etc..) Do you have an out of the box option that does not ask for first name, middle name and last name that we might be able to use for those who check off that the donation is coming from a corporation/organization?

    I'm not sure whether this is a Click & Pledge issue or if we need to set it up on our end so that when corporation/organization gets checked off Salesforce creates a new account under the name of the organization/corporation and does not create a contact with the name of the individual who fills out their name in the donor and contact info? Once I figure out which I need to work on (help?) then can figure out a solution.