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Redirects in Salesforce for C&P objects breaks browser back button

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  • Redirects in Salesforce for C&P objects breaks browser back button

    When clicking on a link to a C&P object in salesforce, say something like this:

    we're quickly redirected to a page (salesforce feature for visualforce pages) with a url like this:

    which then redirects a second time to the page finally displaying the data:

    The problem is that the browser back button behaves poorly afterward. If you click back once, you're taken to the intermediate redirect page which then redirects you right where you started. This often happens quickly, and in any case is very confusing. You can try clicking back twice quickly, which doesn't work reliably. Or, you can pull up the whole history list and go back two pages.

    Viewing C&P objects really breaks of the flow of the history in salesforce, making them unpleasant to work with, especially since it seems to happen for every c&p object. I've never seen other salesforce objects behave like this. Please either handle the intermediate redirect better, or get rid of it altogether. Here's a w3 comment on this problem:

    Although, it looks like you're doing it with some javascript which seems even worse. You can effectively do redirects in visual force, so maybe that's a solution to consider if you can't get by without these redirects.

    Another question, do you actually need visualforce to display your objects, the pages all look like pretty standard layout. And, do you really need it for all objects. It'd be nice if we could easily edit the layout of c&p pages (with the standard salesforce page layout tool) to do things like hide fields we don't use and add fields we'd like to see (e.g. object created time). or, since we've added a lookup field in the opportunity referencing the c&p recurring object, we'd like to add an opportunity related list to the recurring object detail page.

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    Good day!

    I agree with your statement but we have a challenge that will not be solved as you are stating.

    A new transaction requires a decision page that we can either redirect a page to the virtual terminal or a NEW manual transaction page. The virtual terminal is not the same as NEW transaction and since Salesforce is not PCI certified we have to use an IFRAME to present the virtual terminal inside Salesforce. It is the only way we can stay with PCI Level 1 mandates.

    Since we have to have an intermediary page the browser back button behaves awkward. We can put a manual back button if that makes it easier.

    I hope I have answered your question. Please let me know if we can be of more assistance.
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      I don't think a manual back helps much. I won't try to understand all the issues you're confronting, but hope that you keep your eyes open for a solution, thanks.