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  • online donation page questions

    1. For "select donation amount", there are some green box options we created ($10, $25, $50, $100..) and when a donor selects a box, it's a slightly darker green (can hardly tell). It's not obvious what the donor has selected. Any suggestions to make it clear to the donor what they have selected, without them having to scroll down to the bottom of the online donation page to the section where it says "you will be charged:..." to find out what amount they selected?

    2. How come paypal is not a payment option that can be added? I've looked at numerous charities online donation pages.. and all of them have paypal as a payment option. Why can't we?

    3. Can "Canada" be automatically selected for to make it convenient for our donors (mostly if not all Canadians?). It'll be a pain for donors to look for Canada on that enormous list of countries. And they must select Canada so that "Provinces" show up (versus States..)

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    I still have these questions. Any thoughts.. a response?


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      Hello Lyda,
      We apologize that you didn't receive a reply sooner.

      Question #1: if you are suing the Forms builder in Connect, you can customize those colors any way you like. Here’s a link to the instructions on how to do that:

      #2: we do not accept PayPal. Click & Pledge is a payment processors (like PayPal), and as such, we do not offer another processor as an option on our forms.

      #3: The default country is selected based on the user's IP address, so if your donors are in Canada, they should see Canada as default country on the drop down. If you have an order number or specific information about the donor in Canada that is getting a different result, we would be happy to check into that for you.

      If you require further assistance, please send us a link to your form and your account number so we can help you better. .