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Please get a new software designer!!!!

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  • Please get a new software designer!!!!

    I have been using Click and Pledge for about 3 years. You have a major communication problem with your users in the form of poor software design and nonstandard instructions. The software design (placement of buttons, button labels, descriptions and labels on fields, instructions) are NOT standard, often in poor English and thus confusing, and have not even improved much with the Connect platform. Every time I try to do something in the C&P system, I start out thinking it will be OK this time. Then I lose hours of work, etc. This is surprising because I really am quite adept with technology. The instructions to my donors are also worded awkwardly (constantly referring "payments" instead of "gifts" or "donations", for one example) and I have to customize EVERYTHING in a form or receipt in order for it to come across as "normal". My request is for you to invest in a new (or better) software designer who can clean up some of the mess and possibly redesign your system. The product could be very good, but right now it is a huge hindrance to our fundraising -- the opposite of your intentions.

    Jennifer Berger
    Account 25900

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    The design of the Form Builder and Receipt Builder is inconsistent, buggy, and awful. I just lost another 1.5 hours of my life because of your terribly designed software. Looking elsewhere for donation services now. Anyone on this forum have a good recommendation or any warnings?