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Combining Peer to Peer with Event Managemnt

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  • Combining Peer to Peer with Event Managemnt

    Does anyone know if/when Click and Pledge might be combining Event Management with their Peer to Peer. Many folks use Peer to Peer associated with an event ... a walk or ride... and they want to allow their user to register for the physical event at the same time they create their peer-to-peer page. Any clues?

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    Good day Gretchen Lafaso

    There are a lot of provisions that are already done for this, behind the scene, but not yet brought into Salesforce. It is being worked on but our eventual goal is to make these products to be totally integrated.

    One of the challenges is the API calls in Salesforce. As more and more services communicate with the outside, Salesforce starts adding to your bill. SMS Autoresponder, Email Autoresponder, Receipts, etc. all take API calls. These challenges are a bit costly and that is what always slows us down.
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      Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply! I'll remain on the lookout for this one.