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Add Contact to Sub-Campaign via SKU

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  • Add Contact to Sub-Campaign via SKU

    The new form-to-subcampaign feature of the forms builder is great! But what if you have a split-donation (multiple open fields, one form)? What you would like to do in many cases is add the contact to a separate subcampaign based on SKU. Right now, what will happen is that the contact will be added to the split-donation campaign, but no other. Unless I'm missing something...

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    It turns out that this is already a thing in CnP! (Kudos, John Fine)

    0. In SF, set up your campaigns; in CnP, set up your SKUs
    1. in SF, C&P Settings / Opportunity /Primary Campaign Source: set Opportunity.Campaign field by SKU
    2. In SF, C&P Settings / Opportunity / Stage set at least the "Authorized Transactions" stage to "Posted" (or whatever is appropriate)
    3. Enable NPSP Campaign Membership Management.
    The primary contact associated with the opportunity will be assigned to the campaign with a status as defined in step 2.