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  • Membership Management?

    Hi, I'd like to know if there is any update on a possible Membership Management module to go along with the Donor Management and Event Management modules. The Paid Memberships Pro solution doesn't work with recurring payments and it creates an additional data silo outside of Salesforce since only the payer's billing information is captured in Salesforce.

    Many of the features in the Event Management Module could be adapted for Membership Management. For examples, both events and memberships have various levels, and memberships would need printable membership cards instead of printable tickets.

    An ideal Membership Management Module would track:
    • Member Since (The initial date a membership began)
    • Membership Status
      • -New
      • -Current
      • -In Grace Period (Include a Variable Period setting option (30 days, 6 days, etc))
      • -Expired
      • -Cancelled (Include date of cancellation and Reason for cancellation (Deceased, Moved, No longer wanted, etc))
      • -Pending
      • -Lapsed
    • Member Level
      • -Student, Teacher, Volunteer, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.
    • Allow for the purchase of multiple memberships/levels in one transaction, much like purchasing multiple tickets with multiple attendees/registrants.
    • Have a portal/SF Community option to create a Membership Area for members whose dues are current with ACL so that access to the Member Area would depend on Member Status and Level and would adjust as member status and level changed. For example, an expired membership member would automatically lose access to the portal/SF Community.

    Thanks, for your consideration. I know CnP Support has looked at a few options in the past. Please don't give up!