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put more text in the email notifications from support forum postings

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    Hi! I just looked around on VBulletin's support forum, and I can see that it might require some modification, but certainly it looks like vBulletin users have the ability to customize the template for email notifications. It's either built into the settings, or you can update the respective php files. I can understand if it's not a high priority for you guys, but if it just takes a couple of hours to figure out how to modify the templates so they provide a better user experience for all forum users going forward for months, it might be a good investment. Thanks!

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  • CnP.Support
    [email protected]

    I wish we could do what you are asking. We are using VBulletin (, which is a 3rd party app. The notice you have received is coming from the platform since you have subscribed to the "New Announcements" channel at:

    At this time we do not have any customizing ability as you are requesting.

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  • put more text in the email notifications from support forum postings

    Hi there! It would be lovely if the content and layout of the email notifications could be revised. For example, I just got this email:
    Dear [email protected]*****.org,

    CnP.Support has made a new post under Connect 2.003.002: Salesforce Campaign for each Form

    The discussion is located at:

    Here is the message that has been posted: ************* Release Date: November 9, 2016 Version #: 2.003.002

    New Features:
    [LIST][*]Salesforce Campaign may be assigned to each Form. Prior to this *************

    All the best, Support Forum

    To unsubscribe from this, please visit this page:

    It's not clear from looking at it what it's about, which forum it's in, if it's in response to a question or support ticket, etc. When I'm busy it would be great to see a few more lines from the beginning of the post, etc. Thanks!