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Suggestion for transaction fee coverage in Connect 2.0

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  • Suggestion for transaction fee coverage in Connect 2.0

    We are interested in using the new Form Builder in Connect 2.0, but do not want to do so if we cannot provide our donors the option of covering the transaction fee percentage (example: 3% automatically calculated and added to the transaction total if this option is selected). Is there a workaround for this, or is this possible in a future release?

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    Good day bigpinkbug

    This request, while has been asked before, is in total violation of Visa, MasterCard, and Amex regulation. We understand that other providers may do this but they are in violation of the rules. The card companies will have the option to close the merchant account.

    This is in the pipeline and may be added as much as we are against the practice. Please do not take us wrong, Click & Pledge will generate more revenue by doing this as I am sure you agree since the total donation is greater than what it was before and the rate applies to the entire donation amount and not just the base but it is not hard to imagine that the practice simply discourages the donor to donate.

    Giving is impulsive and anything you do to create hesitation will result in reduction of giving. Credit card fees are cost of doing business, as electricity, postage, office supplies, etc. One may make the argument to have the donor pay for the stamp for sending the thank you letter or the paper on which the letter is being printed or the toner, etc. I hope you see the point.

    We, as a company, are against the practice but have that in the request list for addition since others have asked for. The ETA is with release 3.x, due out in '17.
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      Thank you for your response. This is exactly what we needed to know.