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Rebinding a transaction to a different contact

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  • Rebinding a transaction to a different contact

    I have struggled for the last week trying to get data structures that were tied to the wrong contact rebound to the correct contact. In general your response has been to delete the existing stuff (transactions, opportunities etc) and create a new copy of c&p Data and reprocess. This causes trouble from many perspectives including:
    1) autoresponder will fire again
    2) custom question mapping may have changed in a way that reprocessing may cause different results
    3) other workflows may have modified values in various object fields that a new instance would lose

    Maybe a solution is to have a button associated with transactions that allows the transaction fields to be modified (or at least the contact field) and all existing pledge, opportunity, opportunitypledge, transaction etc data structures would be updated but no new objects get created and no reprocessing (custom questions, sku, autoresponder etc) (except for name calculations if contact name is part of it) would occur.