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Custom Mapping: SKUs and/or Installment Period for recurring subscriptions

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  • Custom Mapping: SKUs and/or Installment Period for recurring subscriptions

    Can you add the ability to set SKUs for specific types of Recurring subscriptions? I want to use Custom Mapping in C&P Settings to set a Contact field for subscription frequency (what C&P calls Installment Period or Periodicity). I can use it to set a field that marks a contact as a sustainer but cannot set a dependent field that specifies the frequency of their giving, based on the installment period set in their C&P Recurring record. If recurring transactions had special SKUs, such as with suffix -recurring-monthly, -recurring-yearly, etc., I could use Custom Mapping based on SKU to set this frequency field.

    Alternatively, perhaps you could add the Installment Period picklist to the Custom Mapping area for recurring transactions as a dependent field. So, if I select Is Recurring, the Installment Period picklist appears and I have the option of selecting one to drill down to a more specific type of transaction.

    Let me know which makes more sense to you, if you need more info, and whether you think one or both will work?

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    Good day!

    We have noted this in the new feature request and will move this post to the New Feature channel.

    It has been discussed internally and will be added in release 10.

    Please let us know of any other features you think will make your life easier when in Salesforce.
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