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Organizing custom question processing and vt setup

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  • Organizing custom question processing and vt setup

    It would really help if the order of sku/custom questions (c&p settings) could be controlled by the user. We already have 20 sku processing operations in only a month of using the system and there are natural groups that this processing follows, but the only way to see the questions is in the order that we created them which is very awkward and will be unwieldy as we get to 30 or 100 processing operations.

    Also, we have some operations (both sku processing and vt setup) that tend to recur at similar times each year. We would like to be able to hide them from general visibility for most of the year, and unhide them when appropriate.

    So, in addition to the grouping, it would be nice to have a checkbox that indicates whether the processing is active (or not) and a checkbox that indicates whether the operation should be currently visible (or not) (and a way to see ones that are currently hidden to change their state).

    If you go back to my "dream" request about custom question processing and building dependences between them (and using standard salesforce views) for your data structures, then I could implement most of what I want anyway.

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    Good day!

    In the next release we have a complete set of permission based viewing of options. So the new feature allows you to create profiles that you may enable or disable depending on the needs.

    As for the re-ordering - we agree and that is already done in the next release but not released. We have a client that has over 1200 SKU mapping and you are right it is a bit awkward to change the order.

    Let us know of other ideas & we will gladly consider them.
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