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Please consider making the leaderboard optional on pages

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  • Please consider making the leaderboard optional on pages

    Every year, our organization runs a campaign for the new members of our cohort in four cities around the United States (NY, DC, Chicago, and New Orleans). We have approximately 70-75 individuals, many of which are recent college graduates trying to raise $1,500 for our organization. Our incoming corps members come from many different backgrounds. Some are able to raise the funds very easily and others have different circumstances which may prevent them from reaching their individual goal. Regardless, each member is encouraged to raise $1,500 before the program starts in August.

    I would like to request that the required leaderboard on every Connect page become optional. In our case, some of our cohort members are very sensitive to the topic of raising funds when they do not have the ability to raise money easily. While the overall goal is to raise a certain amount per city, and each individual raise $1,500, we do not want it to appear as a competition between the new members of the cohort. Many of them have not met each other before and it can create a little bit of tension in the beginning to see a leaderboard ranking them among their peers.

    Please consider some kind of mechanism that would allow us to make the leaderboard invisible, or something to lessen the stress some fundraisers may feel when working for a worthy cause.


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    Good day!

    Sure- I will request this to be included in the next release.

    We are currently working on a page designer allowing you to design the page in any which way you want. So in the next release you may not set it up.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance & thank you for your suggestion.
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