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  • Refine search process in support forum

    Hi! I'm finding it hard to narrow a search in the forum. The case example: I'm trying to find articles or threads about dealing with contact aliases (it seems counterintuitive that when I de-select the new info so it won't replace the existing info, the existing info disappears instead of the new info, leaving me unsure about what the updated contact record will actually look like). Before I created a thread about that issue, I wanted to see what else has been written about it.

    When I search for "contact alias" I get
    88 results found for "contact alias"

    When I search for "managing contact alias" I get
    194 results found for "managing contact alias"

    It seems like adding a term should narrow the results, not expand them. What's happening there?


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    Good day!

    Good question. This is a third party platform we are using, namely VBulletin (

    Sorry but it is a bit out of our control. We have found, at times, search works a bit confusing.

    These type of searches are best done in our help desk at

    The help desk has all the KB articles whereas here it is more of questions and answers.

    I wish we could be of more help.
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      OK - so if is a separate platform, the same thing is happening there, FYI. I did a search for "alias contact" and got 88 results, then searched for "alias contact processing" and got 140 results. This indicates that the search engine is treating the Boolean terms as OR instead of AND as a default. If it's possible to change that on the back end that would be awesome. But if not, I won't feel guilty about posting specific questions on forum when I can't find answers by searching :-)