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  • Event Attendee Ticket Sort Order

    I can work around it, but there's an bug on the Registered Attendee's section of CnP Events > Registrations where the tickets do not sort correctly by ticket number. Screenshot attached.
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    Good day!

    This is not a bug but how sorting works when the field is string. The ticket number field is a string field as you can include a text prefix:

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    In a string field when sorted you will see first character sorts so, in a descending order, Z comes first then A and 9 comes first before 1. The first character sort makes 15 being a 1 and a 5 -- it is not a numeric 15 but a 1 & 5 put together.

    It is by design.

    You may want to sort by date.

    Perhaps one idea worth exploring is to add another field asking for how many digits are expected to be in the last ticket sold. Knowing how many digits will be included we can then append the digits with 0's to ensure they can sort correctly. This way a 9 will be 09 and when sorted 15 will come first then 09 since the first character of 09 is 0 and that is less than 1. This is a thought but it can also cause other issues, but worthy of consideration.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Ahh, great. I wasn't aware you could append characters to a ticket number. Good to know. =) I do like the 09 method as that seems like it'd be an easy way to accomplish a sort order that's just numbers.