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Anonymous setting in C&P Event Management

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  • Anonymous setting in C&P Event Management

    When using the Anonymous setting, the Registration Site has a field named "Qty". In order for the registrant to proceed, they have to enter a number in the field and hit the "tab" key. There is nothing on the site that makes that the obvious process. A person has arrived at the registration site to register for the event. Why then is the registration form not available at that point?

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    Good day @Joanmcm,

    Thank you for the idea. What do you envision happen if the person wants to buy multiple tickets or if there are multiple levels and one has to decide which one to register.

    I am not quite sure what you think needs to happen?
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      Our organization doesn’t sell tickets. Our events require a registration fee and a completed registration form. The registration form requires the registrant to agree to a waiver and certify that they are at least 18 years of age at the start of the event along with other essential information. I tested using the Anonymous setting because the end users (registrants) are saying the system is too cumbersome and confusing. Another issue we have with the settings we are currently using is that parents or friends are using their names on the initial popup screen and then entering the registrant information as the attendee and completing the registration form with the attendee information. Those instances create issues at the event when we are expecting the person that registered and the “attendee” shows up.

      As long as you are asking:

      Ultimately, what we would like is to have a simple registration interface that has our branding and the registration form so that when a person leaves our website by clicking “register here” they see a page that shows our organization, the event they are registering for, the fee and the registration form for them to complete. The person that registers should create a contact record in Salesforce (unless they already have one) and appear as a member of the campaign linked to the event.

      By the way, we do have multiple levels for most of our events that designate the week they wish to attend the event.