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option to skip payee information if event is free

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  • option to skip payee information if event is free


    I am hoping you will consider the following for your next release:
    • option for the administrator to skip/do away with the payee information when registering for an event especially if the event is free
    • for the virtual terminal, default is that the send receipt box is unchecked


    Marife Sonico
    Vantage Point

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    Good day Merife,

    The system requires someone to register the registrants. If one person registers many people how will you know who has registered?

    Perhaps we can make an exception for when only 1 person is registering.. but again how will you know if someone is registering someone else?

    as for the virtual terminal you can set those options in the C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal. The default values may be set to show or hide an option in addition to setting a default value for them. You need to have the latest version for this to work.

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      Thank you for your response.

      It would then be great if we can be a bit clearer on the page where the first one can be named ATTENDEE INFORMATION and the second called REGISTRANT INFORMATION (if someone else is registering on your behalf). Currently the second info page is called Additional Information which becomes confusing since people think they are beings asked for the name of a second attendee.

      It would be great to have this change if there is no option for us to skip that 2nd info page if the event is a free event.