Hi! During the event registration process, if the user tries to start a new registration before one has been completed, a pink box shows up saying "There is already a registration process.Please click on cancel button to start new registration." May I suggest a slight copyedit: "There is already a registration in process. Please click on cancel button to start new registration." (In other words, add the word "in" before "process" and also a space before "Please".)

Also when a user has added a person to a registration level, and then tries to delete them, they get a rather scary-sounding message: "
Warning: Attendee(s) will be permanently removed from the Event Level: -name-of-level. Are you sure?"

This is likely to make unsophisticated users worry that already existing registrations may also be deleted, or that the name of the guest can't be used another time. I suggest that the text be modified, if only by taking out the word "permanently". And also perhaps remove the word "Warning".