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More ability to customize Campaign pages in Connect

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  • More ability to customize Campaign pages in Connect

    We would love to be able to customize Campaign pages in Connect, similar to the way widgets are customizable. It would be great to be able to change the labels on the donation form, and remove the donor statistics and the fundraising bar from top of the page. And to be able to add more text and images to the sidebar, so we could make the page more eye-catching and informative.


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    Good day!

    All these are customizable. Have you seen the KB article about this?

    The settings for what shows and does not show are all customizable in Connect.
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      Thanks for the response!

      I realize that the widgets are highly customizable, and that we can customize the donation form that appears in the orange box of the main campaign page. What I am referring to is the donation page of the campaign page within the Connect website. I'd like to be able to remove the donor statistics from the top of that page, include more text or images in the gray box, and change the labels in the longer donation form there. Is this possible?

      Thanks again!