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Autoresponder for "Other" payment types

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  • Autoresponder for "Other" payment types

    In setting up Autoresponders you are required to select at least one credit card type. When you want to send the autoresponder to donors that pay with "Other" payment types, you need to set up a separate Autoresponder for each payment type, but you still have to select at least one credit card type, which means that in order not to generate duplicate emails, you have to chose a credit card type that you don't use. Could these choices be changed such that the selection of a credit card type is not required?

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    Good day!

    Based on yesterday's office hour we have determined that this is an undocumented feature (aka bug) and it has been fixed in the upcoming release. The latest beta has this fix but we do not recommend you install it in production as it is still in testing.

    The scheduled release date is the week of November 23, 2015.

    Thank you for pointing this out & sorry for the inconvenience.
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      Great - thank you so much. I found a work-around by choosing the JBL card. Since we never see those, it takes care of the conflict. Looking forward to the new version!


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        Another issue with this that I want to be sure you're aware of - when you choose Other Payment Type as a criteria for sending an autoresponder, you have to put in the text for each particular payment type. However, the actual criteria is simply based on "Other" and not on the specific type of other payment. So, if you set up an autoresponder to go out based on "Other" being Cash and another one based on "Other" being Check, it actually sends two autoresponders. So the only way to do this is to send it out just to "Other" without actually specifying exactly what the payment type is. Don't know if you addressed this in the new version, but I thought I'd let you know.