Kamran and I talked about this a while ago during open office hours, but I just realized I never formalized the request on the forum.

We use the CnP PaaS "Connections" to build connections between contacts in order to exchange soft credits on donations. However, when a soft credit is received, we often want to apply that received soft credit to an open pledge on the recipient's record. For example, a husband and wife decide to pledge 1,000. We would typically add the pledge to the husbands record and create a connection (if it doesn't already exist). If the wife gives a gift, then the husband receives a soft credit. The soft credit, however, is not applied to the open pledge on the husbands record. We would want the gift from the wife to also apply to the pledge on the husbands record.

One thought, of how to do that would be to add a checkbox on the "Connection" record that says "Apply to Pledge" or something along those lines. When that is checked, the SKU is matched to the SKU on the open pledge and the remaining pledge balance is reduced (just like magic). =)

Thanks for the consideration.