Feature request: Please add support for special characters in the wording of custom questions. For example, we want to include characters such as commas, hyphens, and parentheses. It's especially important given the lack of field validation rules. For example, we want to add a question like "Event date (please use YYYY-MM-DD format)". And it would be great to have more than 50 characters too. I see that the limit used to be 200, and 50 is just not enough for more nuanced questions.

At the same time it would be great if you can implement some sort of custom question ID so that we don't need to meticulously keep the question wording in synch with the Custom Question Map in Salesforce. We want to enable someone to edit the wording of custom questions without breaking Salesforce integration---it just seems bizarre that there's not some sort of custom question ID value (like the SKU) that we can use.