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Auto-fill Registrant info in Event landing pages

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  • Auto-fill Registrant info in Event landing pages

    How about passing the email address and name info from the initial invitation email to the landing page so that the Registrant doesn’t have to fill in these fields himself?

    Currently, MailChimp will do this using its interface with Eventbrite. Seems to me that this should be fairly simple and will greatly reduce errors in capturing correct data later. Especially if the original invitation list is in SF and you plan to use SF to capture response info.

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    Good day @[Rick S]

    This is a good idea but it is a bit more complicated than what it may appear at first.

    The likes of Mailchimp or Eventbrite deal with simple forms and within their own platforms. Our system is inside Salesforce and as such has to follow certain rules.

    One has to be a bit more cautious about privacy than these companies apparently care about. While it is easy to pass an email in the URL it is another thing to retrieve information based on that email. An event registration form is more than just an email, it is about first name, last name, email, and possibly other personal information. To allow for a retrieval of information based on email could easily allow a hacker to retrieve information by simply switching emails.

    If the email is forwarded to someone else unintentionally or ends up in another mailbox one definitely does not want the intended recipient's information be retrieved and present for another person to see. In our system we also deal with attendees and registrants. Is the email to retrieve the attendee's information or be used for the registrant.

    Again we like the idea and are working on a feature to make this possible with several layer of security but to simply deal with it with an email is a bit scary. Creating a balance between security and convenience is always a hard game and possibly sacrifices need to be made- hopefully on the side of convenience.

    We love to hear ideas as we are constantly adding them to our platform. You will hear about our implementation in release 10.x
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