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Batch Import for 3rd party Processed Donations

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  • Batch Import for 3rd party Processed Donations

    Hi C&P
    Please consider extending the functionality of the Virtual Terminal's batch import feature to accommodate custom payment types This would be extremely useful feature for organizations to import transactions processed by third parties (For example most states have a give big day) and still take advantage of C&P's contact matching intelligence. We could simply use the custom payment types if that was an option.

    Please please please.

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    Good day Franklin,

    Typically we will add features with a single "please". For three "Please"s we will make sure it happens sooner rather than later.

    We are reviewing the API for inclusion of custom payment type. The addition requires changes to the core API.

    I will keep you posted.
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      Still don't see custom payment typeoption

      Hi C&P
      Finally got around to testing this out and still don't see a custom payment type option or the ability to import pre-processed transactions and take advantage of all the C&P functionality. Probably all orgs I work with have 3rd party fundraisers that process transactions and then give them a list of donors that participated - like the give big days for example. Their ability to import these and process the same way as all their other transactions is essential. Thanks.


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        3rd party Processed donations

        With this new update to C&P I was wondering if there was anything out there about this same thread. I was hoping for a different or altered template where one of the other payment method options like a Purchase Order or custom Payment Type. (Purchase Order would be great because you really only need the Charge Date and the PO number is not required.)