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Adding Premium Item and Recalculating Tax-Deductible Amount

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  • Adding Premium Item and Recalculating Tax-Deductible Amount

    I believe this is a new idea, but forgive me if not.

    What we would like to do is be able to populate a custom Salesforce opportunity field from a transaction made on a Click&Pledge online donation form. In our situation, we have premium items that are available to anyone who contributes over a certain amount (they don't require an additional contribution like other premium items). These premium items have a certain non-tax-deductible value. Currently, when we manually process a contribution in Salesforce, we put the contribution amount, the premium item received and the non-tax-deductible value of that item on one opportunity record. Our thank you letters to donors are mail-merged pulling information from opportunity reports.

    My ideal situation would be to set up something like this using Click&Pledge where donation and premium item received are stored on one opportunity record. Using an advanced Click&Pledge page allows me to create products for my premium items. But they have a price of $0 (because they are available at no extra charge to members at a certain level) and then this premium product creates a second Salesforce opportunity.

    Is this something the custom question mapping functionality could handle in the new releases of Click&Pledge? If not, something like this for future releases would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts and time!