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Add Display Schedule dates to "Manage Products & Options Screen"

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    I agree-- these are actually features of the grid in the next release.

    I will see if we can change these grids in this release but no promises since all resources are busy with the next release.

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  • Add Display Schedule dates to "Manage Products & Options Screen"

    Adding the Start Date and Stop Date to the "Manage Products and Options" sceen would make that screen a much more useful overview. The two dates would fit well after the "State" column. It would be especially helpful to anyone managing multiple products with varying end dates. This refers to the screen at: Products & Memberships --> Manage Products & Options

    If this screen could also allow filtering by "Assignment", it would save a lot of jumping between pages on the list (e.g., I could see all of the products linked to a particular checkout page at once.) If that is too difficult to program, the option of sorting by assignment would be an improvement, though filtering would account for products that might appear on multiple checkout pages.

    Thank you.