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  • Custom Payment Types Not on Shoutout List


    We're beginning to use Shoutout (and love it!) and I have a volunteer who was going into the Swiper1 app to send a shoutout to someone who made a recent gift. The gift came in by check and was logged through the virtual terminal, but isn't appearing in the list of donors to send a shoutout to. After further research, it looks like only those making gifts with a credit card are on the list. Is there a setting I need to adjust to see all gifts made?

    I also saw something about pulling in all donors from Salesforce as options. I wasn't clear if I needed to have you all upgrade my C&P instance on our SF account, or if it just needed to be active. We have an existing integration that's working for posting, autoresponder, etc.

    Thanks - M

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    Hi mjblarson ,
    The Shoutout Transaction List includes authorized transactions in descending order based on the filter criteria.

    When you say the transaction was a check, do you mean it was recorded as a custom payment?

    Shoutouts for custom payments, declines, issued credits, and pre-authorizations can be sent manually directly from CONNECT's Transaction Details or by QR Code options in Donor Management with Salesforce (PaaS). Use the QR Code scanner on the Shoutout screen in Swiper1 to initiate the Shoutout.

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      Thanks for the information - yes, it was a custom payment. I didn't realize they had to be handled manually, so I'll pass that along.

      Best - M