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swiper1 email receipts don't have donor mailing address

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  • swiper1 email receipts don't have donor mailing address

    Subject: Swiper1 receipt billing info incomplete

    I just received my Swiper1 bluetooth card swiper today. When I made a test donation (In production mode), the email receipts only contain the billing zip code even though I selected “add billing information” during the transaction and I filled out my complete mailing address. See attached print screen.

    It is very important for us to be able to receive the donor’s address information for our records, even if we are using the swiper device.

    How can this issue be resolved?

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    Hi Chcall,

    Review the Receipt Templates in Connect > Settings > Receipts > Receipt Builder. The billing address is a block of merge fields, and it sounds like someone may have removed some of the merge fields from the block.

    If you are unsure which receipt was sent, you may review the Transaction Detail for a specific transaction, note the Campaign the Transaction was assigned, and review that Campaign's Receipt Settings in Campaign Details.
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