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Question about Swiper1 syncing

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  • Question about Swiper1 syncing

    We have events that have many moving parts in regard to registration and checking in.

    For example, we have several volunteers scanning concert tickets using Swiper1 for check in.

    1. Are all devices automatically synced, or is there a possibility that someone could use the same barcode to check in on another device?
    2. Do users have to manually "Sync to Salesforce" periodically in order to prevent that?

    As another example, one of our events involves guests registering on site using Swiper1 then checking in at a later time.

    3. So similar there any automation across devices that keeps up with who's registered and checked in, or is it all relying on users manually syncing the devices to Salesforce?
    4. If so, how often do you suggest instructing users to sync?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Good day @cbarton

    Please note that, you will need to manually sync the devices. Though they have check with the same barcode in different Swiper1 devices, in SF we will handle the Checkin and Checkout. You no need to worry about that. You may sync the device anytime, there is no time limit.

    Hope that answers your questions. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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