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  • Defective Swipers/Exchange Policy


    We have bought a total of 5 swipers to use at our events and after having troubles using them at our event last year (we resorted to keying in the numbers and none of the swipers would read any cards).

    We just went back and tested all 5 of them on various phones. 2 worked and three don't work on any device.

    Is it possible to exchange the defective ones for ones that are known to work?

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    I'm sorry you are having trouble. Replacing the devices that don't work will not be a problem.
    Please send the non-working Swiper1s along with:
    1 - a copy of your receipt
    2- your C&P account number
    3 - The phone/tablet model(s) and OS version of any phones/tablets you tested.. (e.g. LG G5 with Android 7.0.1)

    Please mail them in a padded envelope or bubble-wrapped in a flat-rate box to
    Click & Pledge Returns
    2200 Kraft Dr Ste 1175
    Blacksburg VA 24060

    We will send new Swiper1s tested on at least 4 devices before shipment (including your model if we have one available to test with).

    NOTE - if you want to see what phones have been tested you can find them at:
    Swiper1 has been tested on the following devices. Please let us know if you have worked with Swiper1 on any other device so we include it in the list. IMPORTANT NOTE: Swiper1-BT (the current hardware) should work with any Android or Apple device that has Bluetooth turned on. The table below is for legacy Swiper1 hardware (that

    Please note that a couple Apple devices don't work (notably the iPhone SE). With Android, the best choices are Samsung, LG and the "Moto" series phones and tablets.

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