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  • Buying Swiper1

    Hi there,

    So, the Amazon store has two different sellers of the Swiper1:

    One for $3.33 and one for $30 - that's a big price difference, and honestly $30 is pretty expensive for a swiper (well, $30 after shipping). Is there a difference, is that other person a legit vendor?


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    Hi, can I get some clarification on this?


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      Good day [email protected]

      We truly do not know who this person is so cannot possibly tell you anything about it.

      As for our price - Please note the following:

      -- The unit cost for us is $25/item. This is what we pay after all shipping costs. I am sure if one buys 1M units the unit cost drops but we order in units of 1000 and that is our cost from the manufacturer.
      -- The unit has an encryption algorithm, whose key is in our system. Swiper1 sends its scan to the phone encrypted to avoid any man-in-the-middle attack. Imagine the following scenario - a virus on the local phone intercepts the audio jack communication - if that happens then a card swipe, if not encrypted, will easily be revealed and then possibly broadcasted elsewhere. This is what happened to TJ Max when their POS systems were hacked. The Swiper1 hardware communication is encrypted before moving through the hardware and to the phone & to our application. Once the app has received the encrypted read-out it decrypts the message to display the information for verification and encrypts it again before sending it it to us.

      The reason for my explanation is simply to let you know that just because you have another hardware offered by someone that looks like our device, in the absence of the encryption key we will not be able to read the content.

      We understand your concern but we are simply charging you what is costing us. We added a camera to the process for OCR'ing the credit card to help those that do not wish to purchase the hardware. We licensed the OCR engine and it is the same software that is used in Uber, ride sharing app. The OCR should also help with iPhone 7 that has no audio-jack. When we tried to come up with a solution with Bluetooth the cost of the hardware increased to about $50 which is way too much for most nonprofits. Our aim was to avoid that purchase by introducing the OCR capability.

      Hope that helps with clarifying a few things.
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        Ah, fair enough, thanks for the clarification.

        I really appreciate that explanation, that gives a lot of context I didn't know, and I can understand that. I do appreciate good security, and I am glad you all have that implemented. I'll check out the OCR option as well, especially for those on our team who do have that ridiculous iPhone 7 no-headphone-jack situation.

        Thanks for filling me in, and have a good one!