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    We are testing out Swiper 1 for one of our events and noticed an issue with the email receipts that are going out.- the top of the receipt lists the wrong (outdated) info for our organization including address, email, phone, and fax. Where does one go to update/change that info? I've searched through the C&P Payment-as-a-service app within our Salesforce Org and also the Click and Pledge Connect Portal but am unable to find where this data is coming from.

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    Good day [email protected]

    One piece of information that will help me a great deal is the very fine line at the bottom of the receipt you are referring to. Example below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-10-07_17-18-28.jpg
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    The first set of numbers tells us the account number and the second set is the reference page.

    Once I have that information I will be able to tell you where it is coming from.
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      At one point I was able to navigate to the legacy portal and find the incorrect information on one of our Checkout Pages. However:

      1) If that's where it was coming from, I have no idea why that checkout page was being used as I didn't configure anything to use that checkout page and am not even sure how I could do that even if I was trying to.
      2) Now I can't figure out how to get back to that legacy portal and I can't find any of the checkout pages through the new portal.


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        The line cut off when I was pasting - here's the whole line:

        26033:69899:PaaS01:PaaS.20160823. pi:118529:ur:Swiper1-IOS


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          Good day @[email protected]

          Yes, that is where from address information is pulling from. In the absence of a reference page the system uses the default WID. WID stands for Window ID which is the checkout page identifier. It is a unique number set for the checkout page.

          Hope that answers your question. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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