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Does Swiper-III work with iPhone SE?

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  • Does Swiper-III work with iPhone SE?


    I got 5 Swiper-III devices last week, and I tried to get them to work with my iPhone SE, with no luck. It kept saying Device not ready yet. I tested with 2 of the 5 swipers. I made sure the microphone/headphones were not muted, and I also removed my case to ensure the best fit. I looked at the post that had been stickied regarding tested devices, and I didn't see an iPhone SE on there. I didn't know if there had been a test for compatibility yet or not?

    I have a fundraiser this weekend that I planned to use the devices at, so knowing whether my iPhone can be used would be really valuable.


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    Hey! Did you figure this out? I am having the same issue. :/


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      Good day lfeatherstone

      Sorry for having missed this. Please see:

      The listed devices are the ones that we have tested with. It is practically impossible to test the device with every single hardware given the infinitely many devices in the market. Given Apple's random change of behavior between their devices and dropping and adding features without any regard for backward compatibility we are frankly having a hard time keeping up with compatibility.

      We have also worked with our clients in the past with a device that they have tested with and we have listed them in the list as well. Currently only the ones listed have been physically tested and the rest are not so we do not know.

      Sorry that my answer is a bit vague but it is the reality of this infinitely diverse eco-system where each device, version, manufacturer plays with own set of standards.
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