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Swiper1 v3 "Device not yet ready" on iPad2

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  • Swiper1 v3 "Device not yet ready" on iPad2

    Hi there. I have gone through all the issues raised on the forum regarding non-functioning swiper1s. However, I am unable to see a working solution that could help us solve our situation. We're using Swiper1 v3 on iPad2.

    When we press the button, Start Swiper1 (on TEST mode), it just goes Connecting to Swiper1, please wait... for like 10 seconds and then a pop up stating: "Device not yet ready." Re-Swipe / Manual Entry / Cancel options are given.
    When we hit Re-Swipe, it just does the same thing. I've tried putting the volume up and the iPad is not muted. We're not sure whether the CHIP credit card has anything to do with it, as here in Canada, most of our credit cards have been replaced with chip cards but still "swipable" anyway.

    Kindly let us know how to fix this.

    Thank you.

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    Chip (aka EMV) cards still have a magnetic stripe so that is not an issue.

    First - make sure you have the latest version of the Swiper1 app. If you have upgraded from a prior version, I recommend uninstalling and then installing the AppStore "Swiper1" app fresh.

    Second - make sure the Swiper1 is fully seated in the headset jack. If you have your iPad in a case, it may interfere with the ability to do this, especially it it is thick leather.

    Third - if you try and get that message, then make sure the app is cleared from memory then re-launch it. Double-click the "Home Button" to get the application manager.
    Sweep the "Swiper1" app window off the top of the iPad screen. Then relaunch and try again.

    Lastly - iOS will require you to "Allow access to Microphone" the first time you successfully connect to the Swiper1. It sounds like hasn't happened yet.. but when it does, you MUST allow microphone access.

    Please let us know if there are any other issues. You can also submit a support ticket at
    Be sure to put "Swiper1" in the subject area so it is routed properly.
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      Thank you for the prompt response!

      It is now WORKING! The uninstall / re-install SWIPER1 app and allowing access to microphone did the trick!