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  • Swiper1 Device Not Ready

    I am trying to use the Swiper1 on my ipad, Model #MD520LL/A, and an error message keeps popping up saying that the device is not ready. The ipad has been updated and volume is off mute and turned all the way up. We have two Swipers and they both work fine on the other ipad that we own. Let me know why this is happening! Thanks!

    -LPAH Conservancy

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    Since it is working on the other iPad, I presume you made sure to confirm that the Swiper1 hardware version was set to "Swiper1 vIII" in the Device Manager of the Swiper1 app.
    The other thing to check is that the iOS is allowing access to the microphone. In iOS settings please check "Privacy" -> "Microphone" to be sure that the "Click & Pledge" app is there and allowed (green).
    Make sure that the Swiper1 is fully seated in the headset jack. You should hear it "click" when you push it in. If your iPad has a case that covers the top edge where the headset jack is, you may need to remove it if it interferes with seating the Swiper1.

    If these are both correct, then be sure to start from a fresh launch of the app.
    - Double-click the "Home" button on the iPad to get into the active-task manager. Scroll the app windows to find the Swiper1 app and sweep it off the top of the screen. This removes the app from memory.
    - Relaunch the Swiper1 app, login and try the process again.

    For further assistance with your Swiper1 and app please go to and Create a Ticket. Be sure to put "Swiper1" in the subject.
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