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Credit Card Swiping Not Working?

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  • Credit Card Swiping Not Working?

    We have had a Swiper 1 device for probably a couple of years now but have just recently gotten everything up and running. Last weekend we tested the system and were able to manually enter a credit card payment using my phone but we were not able to successfully swipe my credit card. We'd get to the screen with the graphic that shows you how to swipe but in spite of multiple tries swiping, we always ended up at the Re-Swipe/Manual Entry/Cancel screen. Any idea what we're doing wrong and/or how to make it work? We have a big sale coming up November 1st and 2nd and would like to have it working by then so we don't have to use Square

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    If you have had it for 2 years then you probably have version 1 of the Swiper1 device. We are selling version 3 now. This, of course doesn't mean it won't work, but a few phones that do work with the newer version of Swiper1 do not with v1.
    Please look at for a list of compatible phones and tablets.

    For further help, you should create a ticket by filling out the form at
    Be sure to put "Swiper1" in the subject line and include your phone model (and OS version if possible) in the description of the issue.
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      Thanks. I'll submit a ticket. According to the chart, all three versions of Swiper 1 should work with my Galaxy Note 2.