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Configuring our hosting service to redirect to a mobile site?

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  • Configuring our hosting service to redirect to a mobile site?

    Hi we have an event coming up and we would like to use your mobile site and QR codes to help attendees make pledges and donations.

    We are confused on how to configure our hosting service to make mobile devices point to the the proper site. (IE m.OurName.Org). (M.WaterForHumans.Org)

    I see we need to do some type of redirection to (

    Can you please provide more detailed instructions on how to configure our hosting service to do the proper redirection?


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    Good day!

    It all depends on your host. The setting is called CNAME

    Add a CNAME where: points to -> is the destination URL. The CNAME simply looks up the IP address of the and points your domain to that IP. The reason we use the CNAME rather than giving you an IP to be used as an A record is to allows us to change the IP of site without having to ask our clients to change their DNS.

    I looked up your domain and based on the information I retrieved your site is hosted at:

    Please see:

    I believe the above shows you how to do this. Based on BlueHost's site:

    Click image for larger version

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    Host Record: m
    Points to:

    your host record is M since you you want to use - your domain is so your host record is M

    a TTL of 14400 is OK and may be used. TTL stands for Time to Live which simply means the time between refreshing the DNS record. The IP address is not going to change anytime soon so a TTL of 14400 seconds is fine.

    Please let me know if that answers your question.
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