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Using Swiper1 card reader with a Website form built with FaaS

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  • Using Swiper1 card reader with a Website form built with FaaS


    I am just wondering if something is possible: We have the Swiper1 card-reader attachment. We also have a custom form built to process the data collected with it using your FaaS API. And so here's the question:

    Is it possible to take advantage of the Swiper1 card reader when filling in our FaaS form? In the sense that, where the form has a field to enter credit card information, is the combination of Swiper1 card reader + browser + whatever device drivers that exist to interface the card reader smart enough to allow a user to swipe the card - and have the info appear populated in the form field?

    Or is the browser (say, Safari on the iPhone) just not smart enough to recognize that another input device is being used to supply the information for one of the form's input fields?

    In an ideal world, we'd like to continue using our custom form + FaaS integration on our phones, using a regular browser to display our form (instead of using the Swiper mobile app), and so I was wondering whether we could capture the same main benefit using a browser-based form instead of any forms in the Swiper mobile app.

    I hope my question is sufficiently clear. Thanks as always for your help!


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    Good day!

    It is a good idea and one that we have explored but unfortunately mobile browsers do NOT have access to the hardware. Using the browser we cannot read the output of a hardware and act on it.

    I wish we could be of more help.
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      OK, thanks for your swift reply. I was afraid this might be the case, but thought I'd ask anyway. Thank you!