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  • Swiper1 is not connected

    I am trying to test Swiper1 on my Android HTC Inspire. I followed the directions provided to set up Swiper1 in Salesforce and in C&P, and when I go to run a test transaction ands click on Start Swiper1, it says "system configuring" for a little while (and sometimes there's another popup message that says 'power on', then I get this message: "Alert! Swiper1 is not connected. Proceed with manual entry"

    I have disconnected the swiper and reconnected it multiple times, and still have the same issue. I have gone to settings>device manager and made sure Swiper1 is selected (there is no black band on my swiper to indicate swiper1-IC)

    What now?

    Thanks, Amanda B.

    PS to others- look for Swiper1 app under Click&Pledge on your app list- not under Swiper1
    PSS - the headphone icon for the phone does display when the Swiper1 is in
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    We have not had much luck with HTC phones. I suspect they have added some additions to the audio driver. We have many Motorola and Samsung phones and tablets that have been tested and work. There are also a number of Apple devices that work.

    Take a look at for a list of devices that are known to work with Swiper1. Hopefully someone in your organization has one of these.
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