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  • Manual Transaction Issue

    I used the Virtual Terminal to manually post checks previously received but not entered into connect and synced with Salesforce records. I entered the date the check was received as the charge date. I then noticed on my dashboard that all checks I entered are recorded as transactions for this current month, showing an inaccurate picture of funds received this month and year to date. Is there a way to correct this or do all manual entries record as transactions on the day entered?

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    Good day @SR Horses

    Yes, the transaction date for all entries will record as transactions on the day entered. However, if you notice the charge date on the transaction details page is the date that you have defined, and in SF that will be recorded as the charge date.

    Regarding not syncing the data, it is because your instance is at a year-old version of our apps. Please grant us login access so that we can upgrade your instance to the latest version. Once upgraded and established the connection, we can mass-post the data to your SF instance.
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      Thank you, the upgrade has been done.