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Default payment form problem

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  • Default payment form problem

    Account #17483
    Campaign: KEEN St. Louis Relaunch
    I imported a payment form that I use all the time, and saved it as the default payment form. When I tested, it still went to the generic payment form. So I deleted that, and now I get an error message when I click on an amount and hit "donate" in the donation widget in peer-to-peer. It says it can't find the page. That's because i deleted it - by the payment form I set as the default appears to have the buff colored label and has "default" checked. Can you see why it isn't linking to it? Thanks!

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    I worked with Rob in Live Support, and we fixed this. We changed the campaign on the donation widget from static to specific, and that fixed it. We then changed it back to static, and it still worked.