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C&P payment gateway -- random transactions not being communicated back to PMPro

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  • C&P payment gateway -- random transactions not being communicated back to PMPro


    We've been getting more than the usual number of members complaining that they had renewed but their accounts were showing as expired. (Acct. 51074​)

    After consulting with PMPro support and lots of sleuthing we seem to have narrowed the issue down to something with your payment gateway.

    We painstakingly went through the last 132 transactions listed in our Connect dashboard -- all the way back to 10-1-22. Out of 132 transactions that were there at the time, 33 of those transactions were not communicated back to our membership system. Some of these were for membership renewals and as a result, their accounts expired. Some were brand-new members signing up for the first time and as a result, their accounts were not created at all.

    This is a huge problem and we don't know how far back it goes. I am afraid I have to put someone on going back through every single transaction that was processed through you for the entire year! In the meantime, it needs to get fixed FAST so it doesn't keep happening. Please let me know how we can proceed to get this resolved.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Before you ask, we also use Paypal Express payment gateway and haven't detected any similar issues with the transactions that were processed there instead.​

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    FYI... I just got a follow up note from support at PMPro. I'm posting it here in case it's of any help:

    There may be a webhook or notification setting that needs to be set on their end that is missing. They build and maintain the Paid Memberships Pro gateway and code for that plugin (

    If they can provide us with any indication whether or not the users in question information has been sent from Click and Pledge to Paid Memberships Pro we might be able to assist or look at something more specific.

    Please let me know if they have any further questions.


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      Good day @Arydiel

      Please submit a support ticket at with FTP and Admin login details as well as the Website URL so we can review your entire configuration. Include the link to this post in the ticket for reference and add 'Attn: Forums' in your case subject line.

      Also, please share a few order numbers so we can review them.

      Please let us know when you have submitted the ticket. Do not post the requested information in this forum as this is a public forum.​
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        I'm SO sorry to have bothered you. We just this minute discovered what the entire problem has been. Let this be a warning to EVERYONE out there. If you pull a copy of your website to a STAGING server for any reason. You must manually DEACTIVATE PMPro or any other service you have running that automatically sends email notifications to your users! No one warns us about these things and it never even occurred to us that folks would be getting emails with links back to the staging server instead of the live website. Oh, what a mess we have to clean up now.

        This was not a Click&Pledge issue at all.